ACSI forms future citizens who uphold the ideals of the American Founding through a tuition-free, American classical K-12 education in schools across Idaho.

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ACSI Member Schools

About ACSI

American Classical Schools of Idaho (ACSI) is a 501c-3 non-profit organization that exists to support the startup, growth, and flourishing of Hillsdale College K-12 member schools throughout Idaho. These American classical schools are tuition-free public charter schools, open to all interested students and families. ACSI currently supports three member schools – Treasure Valley Classical Academy, Idaho Novus Classical Academy, and North Idaho Classical Academy. Each member school provides an American classical education to their students, and is led by principals and their leadership teams. ACSI’s relationship with member schools is informed by the philosophy of federalism, which holds that most decisions are best made at the local level by local school leaders. For more information about member schools or starting a school in your community, email