An American Classical Education for Modern Times

Classical education refers to a liberal arts education rooted in ancient history. “Liberal”, in this case, means “free”. Classical education prepares young people to live in freedom and independence, engaging them in the highest matters and the deepest questions of truth, justice, virtue, and beauty.

A classical education is:

  • Grounded in human nature, nurturing children’s natural curiosity and sense of wonder
  • Rich in content, providing a true liberal arts and science education
  • Concerned with moral formation, cultivating a foundation built on habituating good character
  • Thoughtfully patriotic, encouraging civic virtue and growing future citizens

A classical education encompasses:

  • A content-rich, traditional curriculum, including the use of classical books and art
  • Concentrated study of the core academic disciplines: history, literature, mathematics, and science
  • An appreciation forand study ofthe visual and performing arts
  • A strong emphasis on language, literacy, writing, and mastery of the English language
  • Reading of the great books in literature and primary source documents in history
  • Socratic teaching by kind-hearted teachers who are subject matter experts.